aired Jan 14 2009
3 Songs
Spaceship by Sharon Little
it's at the end of the episode,when Mac & stella go with Sid down into the subway.
First by Joshua One
When Danny is in the lab, working on the running shoe. It looks like I wasn't the only person who loved it at first listen. So if anyone is still looking, that's the name and artist. I purchased mine on Amazon Music.
First by Joshua One
As far as I can tell that's not it. I've searched everywhere. Joshua One doesn't seem to exist. Does anyone know wherected to get this song? i let go will you let go of me, we both wanted it but we couldnt see, you got mean and i wanted to leave but the day tripper inside always wants to believe in (im)possibilities and dreams, but it didn't mean anything, no it didn't mean anything
Missing a song?

if you were wondering who the busker's at the end of this episode were, it's a lady called 'Sharon Little' and the track is called 'Spaceship' from her album
'perfect time for a breakdown'

posted by Big Al

Does anyone know the music played when Danny is examining trainers of runner Lauren?

posted by j

Does anyone know the other two buskers in the show? The Red Head and the guy?

posted by Adrienne

does anyone know the song that is played when Danny is taking apart the shoe? and the song played right after that during the bottel and worm and shirt montage?

posted by Anonymous

I've been looking everywhere for the song that played while Danny was examining the trainers.
This song can't simply not exist. x .x

posted by SayWhat
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show CSI: NY, in the episode Help, first aired January 14 2009. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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Baba O'Riley by The Who

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