aired Sep 17 2007
3 Songs
Pas Le Temps by Faf La Rage
submitted by della1011
All along the watch tower by Bob Dylan
submitted by della1011
gop stop prison break orintaci by :(
Missing a song?

In this episode they played All Along The Watchtower in spanish does anyone know who sings it?

posted by Anonymous

What's the name of the Spanish "All along the watchtower" ?


posted by TT

yeah...i really like to know the artist ,too....

posted by Anonymous

from all my efforts to find it... it think it's
No Problem - En la Atalaya, which is a spanish dylan cover that appeared on the album
Bob Dylan Revisitado (1996)

Anyone finds it... let me know. I only got the title.

posted by Anonymous

Can't find it anywhere

posted by TT

Well, I think in Spanish it's called "Todos A lo largo De la Atalaya"


posted by Mikk

I couldn't find it anywhere .

Please if someone knows where , or already have it , upload it to or something.


posted by TT

Hola That title is wrong..."A lo largo de la atalaya" is correct..But I don't find it..:(

posted by Carchy

Does anyone know the name and/or artist of the Spanish-sounding song that begins at approx. 18:23 into the episode? (when Bellick and another inmate are forced to clean the toilets)

Thanks in advance!

posted by kt

The Song CAlled is No Problem - En La Atalaya

posted by Pedrokz

the song on 18:29 is a russian song not spanish... i need help finding it too...

posted by Death_metal

i mean 18:23.......

posted by Death_metal

It's a theme from Russian prison lyrics: (we hear 2-nd passage in PB)

posted by Mac Larin

thnx for the hint, but can u plz tell me where can i downlaod the song from, or at least just hear it...

posted by Death_metal

im so close but yet so far... this is what i found...

but i want the same one used in PB...

posted by Death_metal

I'm afraid it was specifically remastered for PB. There is an obvious Latino accent. Looks like we'll have to wait for the official soundtrack.

posted by Mac Larin

Hey if any of you'll do find the spanish version.. please post the link out here.. i want it aswell..

posted by Ryan

i want the song when bellik goes to clean the shit!! its not bob dylans cover for sure, begins with the guitars

posted by Spload

yes! I'm looking for that song everywhere too.. the one when bellick goes to clean (season 3, episode 1, strats on 18:23) does anybody know the tittle?

posted by Angie

I'm looking for it as well .. could anybody help just find us the name?

thank you in advance

posted by BLuE 430

does anybody kno the name of the song where bellick is cleaning the toilets

posted by smasha

I found what you search since siecles.. LOL
listen to this:

posted by French Girl

I know who sings the song All along the watchtower
spanish version is a musician called Dan Navarro.

posted by LittleRichard

in original this song calls on russian lg "?? ??? ??????????"

posted by ginomad

song is called "dont fear the reaper" in english, still looking for that spanish/mexican version..

posted by TC

i'm lookin for a song from season 3. ?t was a guitar solo and i need to find it.i need it :(

posted by Cihan

Death_Metal: Good luck with that. The song is an Odessa folk song ("??? ?? ?????????????"). It's not particularly popular.

I think Prison Break made that version of the song SPECIFICALLY for that episode.

posted by Crates (
posted by Crates (

It wouldn't let me post the Russian characters (hence all the question marks above)... the rough translation is "Kak na Deribasovskoy".

posted by Crates (

Also, here's a page describing the song, with sheet music and tabs:

It's, erm... in Russian. So... yeah.

posted by Crates (

Dan Navarro - All along the watchtower (Spanish cover)

posted by tsiago

Whats the song? playing in the background of trailer prison break

posted by scarface
posted by scarface

18:03 - 18:38 it's Miklos Malek - Kampot.

posted by burgas
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